Ease out the Covid’19 Anxiety

Covid 19 the malicious pandemic has disrupted economies and destabilized societies around the globe, and that it is of utmost importance to contain the spread of this disease.

Today we are in the real VUCA world, there is anxiety in everyone as no one has experienced such a scenario & this is the time to improve on our skills or learn a new one.

Conccept mentors have summarised the ways to reduce your anxiety amid the COVID-19 outbreak in 4 points:

Restrict the Social Media diet

Too much information is scary, thus following the World Health Organization’s updates and other reliable channels. 

Taking a break from reading, watching or listening to the news always will help you calm down.

Immune system

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and this adage can never be outdated. All of us must keep ourselves fit to build our immunity against this outbreak. Meditation is an exercise for your mind, and it helps you fight against fear and anxiety.

Do a bit of Yoga or Excercise as the movement is restricted to your house only.

Diet & Sleep

Sleeping late means a lower quality of sleep which in turn adversely impacts your schedule. A fixed sleeping pattern is essential. Please make an effort to eat healthily; fruits and vegetables should be a significant part of your meals as they provide the vital vitamins and nutrients that your body requires to build strong immunity. Avoid consuming too much caffeine.


Working or studying from Home might sound exciting, but it requires a structure as well. As this change seems inevitable for the coming weeks, it would be in your best interest to follow a new routine. Stay tuned for the next post on New Routine.

I hope the above would help you to reinforce your schedule and reduce anxiety.

Stay Safe & stay at Home.

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