Student Priorities in response to Covid 19

Showcase your creativity

It’s an opportunity for you to nurture your creative side. Be it your love for art, cooking or music, and you have ample time to hone your artistic skills! You may also consider starting a YouTube channel to showcase your talent to the world. Leveraging interactive digital platforms, this is an excellent chance for you to socialise and create a network of like-minded people.

Time to be a teacher

We learn best when we teach others. Each one of us has a unique skill or talent in a specific discipline, then why should we keep it to ourselves when we can help others improve their knowledge. If you have ever thought about teaching or mentoring but never had the chance to do it, this is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on this satisfying venture. Create an education channel or upload webinars on any of the several platforms available to reach out to the relevant audiences.

Create your web presence

Having your website is an intriguing idea, but you might have given up on this seemingly complicated endeavor! Well, it isn’t. With platforms such as WordPress or Wix, you can create beautiful websites with ease. Be it your profile or for a small venture you were considering for so long, the only thing to do is to try.


Writing happens to be one of the essential elements of communication. There is always that freedom of expression that the book brings to us. All of us may not be great writers, but that should not stop us from writing and sharing our opinions. Blogging is our way out. Have a recommendation or an idea to share? Now you have got all the time in the world to start your blog. You can talk about food, travel, ambitions or problems, and there is so much you can express with your blogs. You need to start blogging to make those voices in your head go away, and in these times characterised by fear and anxiety, that seems like a viable choice.

Blogging Sites to help you get started:


The literary legend Shakespeare is said to have written ‘King of Lear’ in quarantine. Now, it is your chance to hit the ground running and make the most of your time!

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