Think before you take the freebies

Coronavirus has prevented more than a billion students worldwide, 87% of the world’s learners, from attending school or university.

Furthermore, 160 governments have now ordered country-wide closures of their schools and universities.

Many educational academies have started online classes & courses; before enrolling in any study, please ponder on the following points.

Free offerings

The Institutes, corporations or individuals who offer study material, dashboard, online access, courses, online sessions for free must have incurred a cost to create the content. They must have used technology, a workforce to make it, and why anyone would offer a freebie?

One of the most famous lines you hear from economists is, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” It means that nothing is ever truly free. When someone takes you to lunch and pays for your meal, you’ve still invested. You gave your time and energy to be there. You chose that lunch over a variety of other things you could have done. The lunch had a cost, even if the value will be lessened by your friend paying the tab.

Awareness of these types of costs is critical to the economic way of thinking. It helps us navigate a world where choices are hurled at us constantly. Life becomes busy because there are so many ways to spend our time.

Online Webinars

Be calculative that what adds value to your portfolio before you join a free Webinar or Masterclass.

If the course or the topic is relevant for you, please join the webinar and be an active participant.

Online Courses/Certifications:

Pick a course, reflect on your current skill level and aspirations. There are a few popular online learning platforms:



Class Central



Google Academy

Be tactful; before you land up with any freebie.. calculate the opportunity cost.

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